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Maintaining great dental hygiene is essential to strong oral health. Our dentists recommend our patients schedule a hygiene appointment every six months for optimal results. Professional cleaning on a regular basis helps prevent the formation of cavities and development of gum disease and keeps your smile looking its best.

What to Expect During a Dental Hygiene?

Our dental hygienists will gently clean your teeth by removing excess plaque and tartar buildup, followed by thorough polishing and routine flossing. Our hygiene specialists will note areas that need extra attention, provide you with tips and cleaning strategies you can use at home, and suggest dental tools that can help keep your teeth cleaner. If you have any questions about taking better care of your teeth, our dental hygienists are happy to answer them.

At-Home Dental Hygiene Tips

Our dentists recommend everyone brushes their teeth twice a day and floss daily. We may also recommend other specific items for your daily oral hygiene routine depending on your needs. A consistent, at-home dental routine can prevent cavities from forming, keep gum disease away, and prevent the need for serious dental procedures in the future. During your hygiene appointments, our dental team will show you the best tips for maintaining a healthy smile.

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