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An endodontist is often referred to as a “root canal specialist” or “soft tissue specialist.” Their field of study is the tooth’s pulp, which is the soft tissue that reaches from the center of the tooth down into the gums, protecting the nerves of the tooth inside the root canal. Our dentists at Ajax Valley Dental often perform routine root canal procedures, but we’ll refer you to our trusted endodontal specialist in ajax if your case is more complex or needs a second opinion.

What Does an Endodontist Do?

Endodontists typically get called in to diagnose complex root cases or extreme tooth pain management. Endodontists can use surgical microscopes and digital X-rays to help examine and diagnose tooth pulp conditions. Their specialized training and experience allow them to solve more difficult root problems.

When Is an Endodontist Needed?

Endodontists are called in to help with complicated root canal procedures, or to perform a second root canal when roots become reinfected. One example is when calcifications are found inside root canals; this situation requires special techniques to treat. Endodontists have specialized training and instruments to remove these calcifications before performing the root canal procedure. Endodontists may also perform diagnostic surgery to determine the exact causes of severe tooth pain that X-rays do not reveal. If You are looking for expert Endodontics near you? Visit our dental clinic in Ajax for top-notch Edodontics services. Our skilled team is ready to assist you.

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