root canal treatment

Root canal treatment, also referred to as endodontic treatment, is a simple dental procedure that removes infected, injured or dead tissue from the tooth.

Root canal treatment has been rumored to be painful. Today this is simply not the case. At Eagle Ridge Dental Care, root canal procedures are common and virtually painless. Many of our patients here at Eagle Ridge Dental Care, are pleasantly surprised to find that undergoing a root canal procedure is much like undergoing a simple dental filling.

Dr. Gill understands the severe discomfort that is brought on by root canal pain and regularly accepts walk-in patients and provides emergency root canal treatment to help alleviate pain as fast as possible.

Root canal pain may be caused by a variety of factors such as decay, chips, cracks, or trauma. Root canal symptoms may include tooth pain, swelling of the gums, sensitivity to hot/cold, or sharp pain when biting down or applying pressure.

Root canal treatment at Eagle Ridge Dental Care will provide you with much needed relief and help save your tooth from further infection. At Eagle Ridge Dental Care our patients’ health and comfort is our top priority. Here, you can expect a comfortable experience during and after your root canal treatment.

The root canal procedure will begin by numbing the area to be treated with local anesthesia to ensure patient comfort. Once the numbing has taken effect, the tooth will be isolated and prepped for treatment. Dr. Gill will then create a tiny opening in the tooth to remove the damaged pulp from the canals. Once the canals are cleaned, the tooth is filled and sealed. A dental crown will likely be placed on the tooth to strengthen and protect it against cracks or fractures.

Root canal complications are rare, since a dental crown will provide protection against further damage. However, regular oral hygiene is crucial as root canal treatment does not prevent future decay. Root canal patients must brush and floss regularly to prevent the formation of cavities.

When faced with the decision between root canal or extraction, you will find that Dr. Gill at Eagle Ridge Dental Care stands firm on saving as many natural teeth as possible. We take our patients’ health and comfort with the utmost precedence. With proper and painless root canal treatment here at Eagle Ridge Dental Care, a simple root canal procedure will help you maintain your natural smile, allow you to continue to enjoy the foods you love, protect your other teeth from excessive strain or wear and potentially limit the need for ongoing dental work.

Root canal pain after treatment is minimal even long after the anesthesia wears off. You can return to your normal activities immediately after treatment. In some cases, patients may notice some minor soreness while chewing on the tooth immediately following the procedure. This minor discomfort is temporary, chewing on the opposite side will give the tooth some time to rest.

Root canal cost is covered by most insurance companies. The tooth being treated will also affect root canal cost as some teeth have more canals than others, requiring more treatment.

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